Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recommended Reading

Pete Hautman is an exceptional writer. He writes the way I'd like to: lean, engaging, and funny. (See here for the story of how I met Pete.)

Pete won the National Book Award for his YA novel, Godless, a tantalizing story about a group of teenagers who create their own religion around a water tower.

I'm working my way through Pete's catalog: I started with Rash, winner of the 2006 Golden Duck Award, moved on to Godless, and am currently enjoying Sweetblood.

I can't recommend Pete's work highly enough. Get thee to Amazon (or your favorite bookseller) and see what you (and everybody who hasn't discovered this wonderful Minnesota author) have been missing!


Chris said...

I read "Godless" a few years ago. It was a real page turner.
4.5 out of 5 stars.

Chris said...

On an entirely different subject, Scott, do you have something big planned for "EEK!" tomorrow on Halloween?

(Sorry to clutter this post with an unrelated comment; I didn't know where else to post it.)

Scott Nickel said...

Every day is Halloween at EEK!

Chris said...

Very true.

scotthilburn said...

Just wanted to comment on your comic from 10/25. It's one of my favs! Wish I'd thought of it. Damn.

Scott Nickel said...

"The Amish Hand Saw Massacre"?

Thanks! Obviously I have a thing for the Amish. But I also like poking fun at Scientology too.

What does that say about me?