Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Caption Contest

I ran across this picture while looking through stock photos for some greeting cards I was writing.

Let's see who can come up with the best caption for this lovely little image of impending motherhood. The more outrageous the better.

Let the hi-larity begin!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I want say that I have a great caption for this but I don't right now. Maybe I'll sleep on it. Does the winner get a free toaster oven?

P.S. Also is it just me or is today's 10/24 EEK very reminiscent of good old Triple Take?

Oscar Blotnik said...

Something tells me the abortion didn't take.

mike witmer said...

Child Abuse: It's not just for outside-womb kids anymore.


When only the best will do for your lil' bastard.

scott metzger said...

After her third beer, Denise decided to blow off this week’s kickboxing class.

Rick Ellis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick Ellis said...


I couldn't come up with a gag.
But i did find the orignial image you got this from.
Take a look.


Scott Nickel said...

Great stuff, guys!

Rick... that is TOO funny!

EROK said...

...Nuclear tit-warhead milk... high octane, low quality, best regards! OR: "Enough with the fancy trimmings; BREAK OUT!! I love spoiling my kids!" OR: -- and now folks, a look at the humble beginnings of our future world-renowned Nobel winner for curing asscaholeism

Scott Nickel said...

I can't decide on a winner. Everyone who participated, email me at and I'll send you something cool for your efforts. (Sorry, it's NOT a toaster oven.)