Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Boss!

I went to the March 20th Springsteen show in Indianapolis with an old buddy from college, who flew out just for the occasion.

It was a magical show, made even more special by the return of keyboard player Danny Federici, who had been absent from the E Street Band since November while undergoing treatment for melanoma.

Springsteen brought Danny out midway through the show and "Phantom," as he's nicknamed, helmed the organ for an incredible three-song set filled with love and joy, pain and soul: "Prove it All Night," "Spirit in the Night," and "Sandy," the latter featuring Bruce on acoustic guitar and Danny on accordion, just like the old days. At the end of the song, Springsteen hugged his band mate of over 35 years and gently kissed him on the side on the head.

Check out the video from

Glad to have you back, "Phantom." Here's to many more unforgettable shows.