Tuesday, November 6, 2007

With Apologies to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko


Chris said...

Hehehe, I love this one.

Scott, one of the best things about your cartoons is the expressions of the "straight men." That is to say, whenever there's a guy saying or demonstrating some outrageously weird thing, he says it or demonstrates it to another guy, who always stands there and has a really funny expression on his face. This panel is no exception; it is funny as it is, but the expression of the second guy makes it even funnier. That's one of the best traits of your work. It is present in the art for "His and Hers," but because there are no recurring characters in "Triple Take," "EEK!" and "Showbuzz," this expression can be seen all the time. Which is awesome.

Scott Nickel said...

Thanks, Chris!

I'm always striving to make my art "funnier." That's what I love about guys like Mike Peters and Glenn McCoy. You just look at their art and even before you read the gag, you smile because the drawings are just so fun -- and funny.