Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comics Du Jour: The Mighty Small

The Scott Comics Cartel keeps growing: There's Scott Adams, Scott Kurtz, Scott Hilburn, Scott Stantis, Scott Metzger, and now Scott Cummings (if I missed a Scott, let me know).

Mr. Cummings has a new strip on Go Comics. It's just getting started, but looks promising.

Check it out.


Scott Cummings said...

Hey, thanks for the plug, Scott.

I'm starting to realize that cartoonists who don't have blogs are becoming an extremely marginalized minority ...

Rick Ellis said...

I'm going to change my name to Scott.


I mean Scott.

Chris said...

This does look promising, good call, Scott (Nickel).

Scott (Cummings), good luck with this's pretty funny so far. Will there be a new strip Monday through Friday, or on Saturday and/or Sunday?

Scott (Adams)'s "Dilbert" is in my paper, so I read it every day; Scott (Hilburn)'s "Argyle Sweater" is good for occasional online reading; Scott (Stantis)'s "Prickly City" is...well, not a favorite of mine; and I've never read "PvP" by Scott (Kurtz).

If I could do a plug of my own, Scott (Metzger)'s "Tree" is one of the funniest comic strips that I have read online. There are full archives dating back to November 2006 on ComicsSherpa, and recent strips in a larger size are posted on the main Tree website. It's great -- check it out. Unfortunately, Scott (Metzger) recetnly decided to end "Tree" and will be starting a new comic strip at the end of the month. If its humor is anything like "Tree," well, count me in as a regular reader.

Oh yeah, and you did miss a couple of other Scotts, Scott (Nickel): Scott Meyer, who is being mentored by Scott Adams with an aim towards syndication of his feature, "Basic Instructions," and Scott Ramsoomair, creator of the webcomic "VG Cats."

Chris said...

Man, I hope I never have to type the word Scott so many times again.

Scott Cummings said...

Thanks for the kind words. The strip will be updated Monday through Saturday. That's terrifying enough for someone who's never done this on a daily deadline before, and who still has to pay the bills with a "real" job (although I am working on a blog, God help me ... Stay tuned.)

Scott Nickel said...

I'm not sure how necessary blogs are...but they're fun. And they provide a good way to connect with other cartoonists (and fans).


p.s. With even more cartooning Scotts than I originally thought, I think we should definitely do a strip or panel I proposed on Scott Hilburn's blog. Originally titled "Six Scotts," we could expand it to simply "Great Scotts" and have rotating Scotts contribute daily gags.

I'd even host it here.

Scott Cummings said...

Sir Nickel: Hey, that's not a bad idea. "Great Scotts" ... makes me smile.

Have you gotten expressions of interest from other Scotts? I think I'd get a kick out of that.

Scott Nickel said...

Actually, everyone pretty much ignored my mad rantings. But I think it's a fun idea. You're the first to show interest.

We've got two Scotts (maybe). Do I hear 3? Mr. Metzger? Maybe 4? Mr. Hilburn?

Anyone else named Scott want to step up?

scott metzger said...

Hey Scott,

I am late to the discussion here. I hadn't realized how many Scotts there are in cartooning. Your "Great Scotts" comic idea is funny. I'd definitely be up for something like that. It would be cool to have at least 4 Scotts. Scotts unite! But if you take on another feature, you should go into the Guiness Book of World Records. I am still trying to figure out your secret.

Good job with Eek!.. great strip. This must be Eek's favorite time of year.

(And Chris, thanks for the kind words..)

Scott Nickel said...

Excellent, Mr. Metzger! We have 3 Scotts -- that's enough for a Monday-Wednesday-Friday GREAT SCOTTS strip.

Do we have two more Scotts up to the challenge?

wit said...

You could call it "Great SCOTTS!!" Ya know like Sherlock Holmes nevermind. Stupid mom should've named me scott too.

Worth said...

And your slogan could be: "If it ain't Scott, it's cr@p!"