Friday, January 18, 2008

Monkey Business

My editor at MAD asked for a monkey-themed comic for an upcoming monkey-themed issue. I sent a couple of sketches, none of which were chosen.

I didn't send this gag, which sort of morphed from my original submission. Too bad. I think it's pretty funny.


Norm Feuti said...

Monkeys flinging poo is always funny.

And on the subject of funny, EEK! was lol today, Scott. Nicely done.

Chris said...

Naturally monkeys flinging poo is ALWAYS funny. (It's an indisputable Law of Cartooning. Kind of like Newton's Laws of Motion, except for cartooning.) But recently I've been considering the possibility that all comics which feature goofy monkeys, poo-flinging or non-poo-flinging, are hilarious.

I laughed out loud at this panel, by the way. I'd find this one hard to turn down if I were a magazine editor.