Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 2008!

I haven't been posting much, as I've been working on various projects and have become a bit apathetic about the blog. I hope everyone had an enjoyable capitalist gift-giving season and a pleasant change of the calendar.


Rick Ellis said...

Happy New Year to you Scott!
Apathy, Lethargy, and ambivalence. Key words for 2008.

Chris said...

Happy New Year!

You've been doing great with your three strips (plus "Show Buzz"). "His and Hers" is really doing great; I really liked the "rolling around naked in money" one and the car series. "EEK!" has shown that it has real syndication potential; you are consistently funny and it's fun to read without being gimmicky. Just recently I remember cracking up at the Santa one and the one with the deer serial killer. I also think that "Go Team Bob" is really hitting its stride, plus it's been easier on the eyes without all the clutter and the manic drawings. "Show Buzz" has had some really good ones too, especially Frosty melting in the hot tub.

Keep up the good work in 2008, and the blog posts if possible. But apathy is cool too. It's the new thing, as Rick wrote.


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,
Did you see ex-"Triple Take" writer Todd Clark's new strip yet? He's doing it with the guy he works with on "Lola." It's called "Retro Geek" and it's being syndicated by TMS. Looks weird but intriguing to me. Check it out:

Chris said...

That was me, looks like my name didn't take.

Scott Nickel said...


Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You made my day. I'm glad that someone -- besides me -- is reading my Go Comics strips.

They say creators don’t like to choose among their children, but it’s probably no surprise that EEK!is my favorite. I'd love to see it picked up by the syndicates. I've heard from everyone except the elusive Ted Rall. Ted, are you there?

I'm also thinking of pursuing a compilation book, either through a traditional publisher or Lulu. I'll keep everyone posted if I have any news.


Scott Nickel said...

Todd sent me some samples of Retro Geek back in October. It looks quite funny and I hope he and Steve pick up a lot of papers.

Todd and Steve are manipulating old clipart in the computer to produce the images and it's apparently more work than one would think.

I doubt if my local paper will pick up the strip -- they haven't made a change in years, not even for Triple Take -- but I look forward to reading it online (maybe through Tribune or Go Comics).


Chris said...

"Todd and Steve are manipulating old clipart in the computer to produce the images and it's apparently more work than one would think."

Hmm, interesting. I was wondering whether the art was old art from th '50s or just done in the style. Still, I can see why "manipulating" the art might be difficult. After all, none of that old art was done to fit into the comic strip format.

"It looks quite funny and I hope he and Steve pick up a lot of papers."

Well, I've only seen the first three strips, so while I'm interested in seeing more, I'm not going to pass judgement so quickly. It launched in a decent number of papers, I think. Personally, I was mostly surprised that TMS was launching a new strip at all. That hasn't happened since 2006.

The only issue I have with "Retro Geek" at this point, I think, is the same thing I mentioned at the Daily Cartoonist -- the title. I don't know about you, but it doesn't really see appropriate for the strip (again, I've only read 3, but based on that and the premise this is my opinion). What do you think?

richardcthompson said...

And Happy Birthday! I hope I look as good at 105/

Scott Nickel said...

Actually I'm only XLVI.

And thanks for the birthday wishes.