Saturday, January 12, 2008

MAD #486

Here's my second appearance in the venerable (or is that venereal?) humor mag. My comic runs in the February 2008 issue of MAD magazine, right at the top of the Strip Club section. I have some other material in the MAD pipeline that I hope appears soon.

Holy $#%*! I just looked at the cover and saw the $4.99 price tag. MAD now costs five bucks? It was just $3.99 a couple of months ago. A one dollar price increase is sure to bring in new readers. Jeez. Glad I got a few comp copies. I'm not sure that I would even pay five bucks to see my strip.


Chris said...

Nice, Scott. Glad to see that you got into Mad again, although that $5 is a lot of money for a magazine. I don't get the magazine now and that $5-a-pop pricetag isn't encouraging me. There's that, and then there's the fact that I think that overall the magazine has been going downhill. Of course, it can be agreed that like most "underground comics," its glory days have long passed. At my library, "Mad" is just sitting out there for kids to read. (Although I suppose we should be happy that they're not reading that other magazine Harvey Kurtzman worked for...)

So, has the beast been tamed?

Anonymous said...

It's venerable. Unless MAD is an STD of course. Then it would be venereal.

richardcthompson said...

But the cartoon is Venusian.

Nice one, Scott!

Chris said...

You can't get anything past me, man. In today's "EEK!" I noticed the gravestone of the guy who was buried alive since 2005 read "T. Clark." Clever inside joke, or something more significant?

Scott Nickel said...

Damn, Chris! You ARE good.

Just a little shout-out to Todd. Glad you noticed.