Saturday, November 17, 2007

Virgin Territory

I ran across this item at a comics newsgroup: An auction for the original cartoon printed in Playboy's first issue.

Published in 1953, the gag is still funny!


Chris said...

I think I recognize the art but I'm not sure...who's the artist?

Scott Nickel said...

The artist is Ben Denison. I'm not familiar with the name and couldn't find anything online.

Anyone got more info on Mr. Denison?

Chris said...

Ben Denison? No, I never heard of him either, so that's not who I was thinking of. I guess I was wrong.

You should ask Allan Holtz over at The Stripper's Guide (, or maybe Charles Brubaker. One of them would probably know.

tdpetunia said...

My father is Ben Denison. Came across the blog. He is a prolific & reknowned artist and photographer of 50 plus years. We will be glad to provide more information if you would like.

Scott Nickel said...


Thanks for posting on the blog! We'd love to learn more about Mr. Denison's work.