Monday, February 12, 2007

Inker Extraordinaire

One of my favorite comic book inkers, along with the inimitable Klaus Janson (Daredevil , Dark Knight Returns) is Joe Rubinstein.

I met Joe at the 1986 San Diego Comic Con, and he was nice enough to look at some of my inking samples. Jim Shooter, then EIC at Marvel Comics, directed me to Joe after looking over my work. For awhile I wanted to get into comic books as an inker, and actually did some professional inking for a few b&w books in 1986 and '87.

Joe gave a great critique, complimenting bits that he liked, and pointing out bits that didn't work. I know he doesn't remember me, but meeting him had a big impact on me.

I'd always thought Joe was older...Guess it's because he started doing comics in the late 70s and early 80s. Turns out the guy's some sort of wunderkind -- going to classes at the Art Students League at age 11 and working as an assistant at Neil Adams' Continuity Studios when he's 13. Wow with a capital "OW" is all I have to say. He's only about three years older than me, too. Boy do I feel like a loser turd.

I mention Joe, not to wallow in my inferior turdness, but because I just came across a great podcast interview Joe did in late 2006.

Here's the link. Go and listen. And if you don't know who Joe is, shame on you, and check out these pages.

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