Friday, June 5, 2009

20 Questions: Who Should We Interview?

What cartoonists do you want to see interviewed? I'm trying to include creators from all disciplines -- newspaper comic strips, the web, editorial cartoons, comic books, gag cartooning, etc.

I have a rather extensive list of prospects, and I've contacted a good number of them, but there's always someone I've missed -- especially when it comes to web cartoonists.

Suggestions welcomed and encouraged.

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Robert Gidley said...

I'd like to see interviews with Brooke McEldowney, the Gil Thorp guys (Neal Rubin, Rod Whigham), and Ruben Bolling.

I'd like to see an interview with the Gil Thorp guys because I'm pretty sure they're clinically insane. Bikinis made from cardboard?

McEldowney and Bolling do good comics and it's not easy to find out much about them.

Scott Nickel said...

Good suggestions, Robert.

They're on the list!


John said...

How 'bout giving the "20 Questions" treatment to your boss Jim Davis and your co-worker Brett Koth?

Scott Nickel said...

You never know...

denese said...

Chip Dunham; I love Overboard. I would suggest Rob Harrell, but Big Top is...sniff...gone. What the heck, I suggest him anyway.

Scott Nickel said...

Thanks Denese! Good suggestions.

I'll put Chip on the list.

Rob's another good choice. I contacted him a week or so ago and sent out his 20 Questions.