Thursday, August 30, 2007


Who knew Go Team Bob could generate so many comments?


Brett Koth said...

My, my, comics fans are certainly a passionate lot, aren't they? The strip looks great, Scott. Much luck with it.


Scott Nickel said...

Thanks, Rog!

I'd post more, but as we all know, my writing is choppy and unfunny. :)

Von Stro

p.s. Welcome back from your Summer Adventure!

Chris said...

Wow, some people were really quick to judge this strip. Clearly you guys are not quite hitting your stride yet but that takes time, after all, and I think it's really unfair. Then again, everyone is going to have an opinion, so you open yourself up to that kind of attack. At this point, I am going to have to say that I really like "His and Hers" and I sort of like "Go Team Bob." I wasn't prepared for the manic drawing style that John has when I first read it. I agree with what he posted on the GoComics blog, the panels are pretty cluttered right now. I don't think your writing is especially choppy and unfunny, although I think that it is clear that it is just starting out and you haven't really found the voices for the two Bobs, if you know what I mean. But I am not going to be quick to judge your work; the characters will be better established in time.

It can be interpreted as a good thing that "Go Team Bob" generated so many comments and such heated debate on both sides. The thing with the internet is that it is usually completely anonymous, which means it can also bring out the worst in people. Of course, that means you have a window into what they are really thinking, something you often can't get in person. By generating so many comments, that shows that a lot of people are reading "Bob," at the very least, and that hopefully will cause it to take off.

Scott Nickel said...


Thanks for the thoughtful comments and for supporting the strips.

I must admit I'm rather pleased that GTB has generated a mini-flurry of responses. Like it or hate it, at least people are engaged. Apathy is never a reaction you want.

HIS & HERS, which hasn’t generated a lot of talk, is a more traditional strip with characters readers can identify with. Watch for upcoming strips that send Stew and Karen out into the dating world.

As for GTB, John's art is definitely not your typical comic strip style. It's bold, energetic and animated -- but I think it suits the strip well.

Watch for GTB to get a little more "monster-themed" as it goes along.

I hope people stick with both strips. We'll try to keep everyone entertained.

Chris said...

No one has quite the same art style. Yours, Scott, is pretty realistic; John's is much more cartoony. I think the big issue is whether readers will be willing to switch between vastly different art styles abruptly. Sure, that has always been the case, but it takes time to get used to some styles. "Cul de Sac" has a very unique style, and at first glance at the samples back in July, I was somewhat put off. However, once I began to read it was very funny and I could appreciate its art being good in its own way. Other big departures from the norm include manga-influenced "My Cage," the interestingly rendered "Maintaining," and of course the controversial pixelated "Diesel Sweeties". All of these take a while to get used to the drawing styles...I have yet to get used to "Diesel Sweeies," although I've never liked it anyhow.

I thought yesterday's "Bob" was pretty funny, and perhaps it's starting to hit its rhythm. As for "His and Hers," keep 'em coming; I was thrilled to see the introduction of Karen -- I love it when there's a weird character in the cast of a comic strip, and the weirder the better! Karen already has my attention with the "private feline sanctuary" joke.