Saturday, July 28, 2007


Just received a large envelope from PEI (Playboy Enterprises International).

In it was my latest batch of cartoons and a typed letter stating that "Mr. Hefner reviewed the batch and didn't find any cartoons suitable for the magazine."

Hugh Hefner personally reviewed my cartoons?


Never have I been so excited by a rejection letter.


Ed Gauthier said...

Your excitement regarding Hefner seeing your toons is not misplaced. Since he founded Playboy, there has been a standing rule that no photos or toons get the go ahead without his approval.

The girlie pics part is understandable, but many people forget that he also has a huge interest in art since his early days being a Chicago cartoonist himself.

Of course he couldn't make it as a cartoonist, probably for some of the same judgment reasons that he didn't use your art.

Your stuff is very good, and I could see where some of it would easily fit Playboy, so don't rule out resubmitting to that mag in the future.

Scott Nickel said...

Thanks, Ed!