Sunday, September 26, 2010

Commets, we get comments...

My blog gets a lot of comments. The majority or which, alas, are spam.

I usually just delete them, but this particular comment caught my eye and struck my funny bone, especially the first line:

"sex with donkeys cool .. took almost all)) cool .. took almost all)) Yeah, sure, that there still might say. The site just super, I will recommend to friends! share: but we have to work all pouvolnyali, and what to do now? Thanks to author a blog for the information provided. You can still search in Google .. You read this and think .... A salary of between 5% per day."

In fact, the entire thing reads like some sort of odd, stream-of-consciousness poetry. Or something from a recent stroke victim.

p.s. For everyone's safety, I deactivated the link to sex with donkeys. You're welcome.

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