Friday, May 29, 2009

Archie Gets Married (and NOT to Jughead)?

I'm sure you've all heard about this, but here's a link to the story.

If the cover is accurate, way to spoil the surprise, Archie guys, BEFORE the comic goes on sale.

Actually, they may not have let the cat (or the fiancee) out of the bag.

According to a poster on RACS (rec.arts.comic.strips):

"I've heard that the distribution receipts for this Very Special Issue have openly stated that A) it's an "imaginary" story and B) Half of them show him proposing to *Betty*."

Imaginary story, huh? How original. Who could've seen that coming?

Maybe Archie Comics will do more "imaginary" stories in a new "What If?" line.

Archie Comics presents...


"What if Archie got married?"

"What if Jughead won a Nobel Prize?"

"What if Reggie went to prison for securities fraud?"

"What if Mr. Weatherby was a registered sex offender?"

* * * * *

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