Saturday, January 3, 2009

EEK! It's a book (finally)

Okay, so I missed Christmas, but you can start 2009 off right with the first collection of EEK! comics -- available now through my good friends at

The pitch:It’s alive! ALIVE! The first collection of the popular syndicated comic strip EEK! -- created by cartoonist and part-time mad scientist, Scott Nickel -- features monsters, mutants, zombies, and other lovable creatures of the night, and is sure to tickle your funny bone and inflame your spleen.

The specs:Black & white with full-color cover; 96 pages, softcover, 9"x7".

The price:$9.98 printed book
$3.50 download


Chris said...

Awesome, Scott. The book looks cool. I'll be sure to get a copy at some point.

I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to download a book onto their computer, though. All the scrolling would be truly obnoxious.

Scott Nickel said...

C'mon! Buy a copy of the book, ya cheap scurvy dogs!

denese said...

It's on my list of Things To Buy When I Get a Job and Move Back to the Land Of Freedom (Out of My Parent's House). I love comic collections--I own hundreds, I just can't afford it now.

Scott Nickel said...

No worries, Denese. I think a lot of people have that same list. I admit with the sucky economy I'm not buying some fun stuff I might otherwise have purchased.