Monday, July 14, 2008

Madly Yours (finally)

Months in the making (or at least the waiting), a new cartoon graces the current issue of MAD (issue #492, to be precise).

MAD uses funny little puns to identify each cartoonist. I am PLUGGED NICKEL, which I guess is better than NICKEL AND DIMED or NICKELODEON (which would probably invite an immediate cease and desist letter from Viacom).

Eagle-eyed readers of A Nickel's Worth (hey, that's not a bad title either) will remember that I previewed a version of this cartoon many (many) months ago on this very blog.

EEK! of the Week

After a temporary hiatus, EOTW returns. Did you miss us?

This gag's a favorite of mine. I originally drew it as a single panel Show Buzz gag a couple of years ago for the Antelope Valley Press. I think it fits in well thematically with the rest of EEK!

Anybody liking the colored strips? Yes? No? Who gives a #$@*?

Monday, July 7, 2008

EEK! It's in Color

I decided to color this week's batch of strips. I've gotten pretty quick at it, so it's not really adding that much time to the process. For the eventual book, I'll run the strips in black and white, but I think they look good in color on the Internets.

I wish I had the program Randy Glasbergen uses to color his cartoons. It's only for Macs, but Randy can color a toon in under 10 minutes. PhotoShop just inherently takes longer. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Living (Dead) Color?

Question for the faithful followers of EEK!: I was toying with the idea of coloring the strips. Here's an example of an original b&w strip and its colored twin. Better? Worse?

It's not animated (the latest bell and whistle to be seized upon by the syndicates in hopes of saving the dying comics biz), but maybe Internet comics fans like their strips colored?

Of course, coloring means more work for the same money, but I'm all about providing the best product for the tens of people reading EEK! daily.

Comments welcomed.

Love isn't pretty

A recent card design.

Unlike comic strips, greeting cards are actually fairly lucrative.

Will they eventually be replaced by online greetings? Who knows?

I'm sure the dead-tree Mother's Day cards will be the last to go. You look like a real schmuck just sending Mom an email on her special day ("What? It would kill you to go to the store and buy something, Mr. Cheapskate?")

(UN)intelligent design?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nick Toons

Long time no blog.
Just sold a couple of cartoons to NICKELODEON magazine.
I hope the TP gag warps a few young minds.