Monday, July 14, 2008

Madly Yours (finally)

Months in the making (or at least the waiting), a new cartoon graces the current issue of MAD (issue #492, to be precise).

MAD uses funny little puns to identify each cartoonist. I am PLUGGED NICKEL, which I guess is better than NICKEL AND DIMED or NICKELODEON (which would probably invite an immediate cease and desist letter from Viacom).

Eagle-eyed readers of A Nickel's Worth (hey, that's not a bad title either) will remember that I previewed a version of this cartoon many (many) months ago on this very blog.


Chris said...

I love this cartoon...I remember feeling the same way the first time too. A moment of brilliance, Scott.

Scott Nickel said...

Thanks, Chris...I must admit this is one of my faves, along with the Amish Handsaw Massacre gag that ran in EEK!

The Amish are a bountiful source of humor, but I think they're having the last laugh. What's it cost to fill up a horse and buggy?

Brett Koth said...

Great, great gag.