Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Forward

We started Daylight Saving Time this morning. I live in Indiana, an odd and backward place that, until last year, resisted this practice.

I moved here in 1995 and thought it was weird that we didn't follow DST, considering that almost everyone else in the world did. I didn't understand why Indiana resisted. It would've been much easier because every year you had to figure out if you were two or three hours ahead of California or on the same time as New York or an hour off.

There was often talk about changing; but if there's one thing Hoosiers hate, it's change. Of any kind.

So nothing was done, until last year, when the governor decided to bring the state kicking and screaming into the mid-20th century. And scream they did.

There are hot-button issues out there, like abortion, gay marriage, and gun control. In Indiana , the hot-button issue that trumps all others, apparently, is Daylight Savings Time. Oh, how the Hoosiers hate it. One letter writer to the local paper called it "the plague that is now upon us." Plague? Dude, you just turn the clocks ahead in spring and back in fall. It's not like you're being forced to give up your firearms or anything.

I guess I don't understand all the consternation. I grew up in California, and never thought twice about DST. I guess we were focused on other, less important issues, like the environment and immigration. Somehow, this "plague" never bothered us.

The good news is, that even though they hate it, it shows that change, however small, is possible in Indiana. Who knows? In another 50 or 60 years Hoosiers may even pass some meaningful environmental regulations; or maybe even give up their unhealthy fixation with pork.

Okay, I admit it. That last one is just crazy talk.


Anonymous said...

If you live in Indiana, does that mean Todd Clark also lives in Indiana and you meet up to work on "Triple Take" somewhere in Indiana?
...Or is that too old fashioned? Do you, instead, receive his writing via e-mail and then draw it and e-mail it to him to edit/review?
I'm curious because I have no clue how co-creators of a comic strip work together these days. Enlighten me!

Scott Nickel said...

Good question!

Todd lives in Idaho and faxes me his gags. We also email each other to discuss punchlines or talk on the phone.

That's pretty much how Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman produce ZITS, too.

Ain't technology grand?