Friday, January 26, 2007

Comics Du Jour -- Zits

I've always been a big fan of the comic strip ZITS. It's written by the always funny Jerry Scott and drawn by the always amazing Jim Borgman. Scott's jokes are fresh, funny, and insightful, and Borgman's artwork is inspired and inspiring. He's the master of body language, line work and characterization, and if it were biologically possible, I'd bear his children (natural labor, too; no C-section for me.)

Here's today's strip, but I could put up any day's offering. They're all good. And I mean all.



cbrubaker said...

Hey Scott,

Nice to see you getting a blog. I'll be sure to bookmark it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "Zits" is a really awesome comic strip. I can see why it's so popular, too: appeals to both teenagers and their parents. I'm 14 and I enjoy it. But then, it's also among my mom's favorites. Actually, it's one of the few strips she reads in our local paper.

Jim Borgman, by the way, is a great cartoonist, both for "Zits" and his editorial work. And Jerry Scott is usually very funny.

Bottom line: this definitely deserves to be a Comic du Jour (is that the correct singular form? Oh well, whatever.)

Timothy Jones said...

Awesome! I love ZITS! I am a fan of any comics anyway, but ZITS is my fave. The teenagers today are so fond of comic strips, some Ecards site have published Comic Stirp Ecards !!!

Anonymous said...

he's got zits

Anonymous said...

thats what i do