Thursday, October 30, 2008

EEK! It's a Caption Contest!

Readers of GoComics may have noticed this on the site today. I'm running a fun little caption contest.

As of noon today (Thursday, October 3oth), I've received well over 30 submissions. Thanks to all for the creative captions. Keep 'em coming!

Captions can be emailed to me at through Sunday, November 2, midnight EST.

I'll pull what I feel are the top 5 candidates. I'll post these 5 captions here and readers can vote in the comments section.

The captions will be up for 4 days (Mon-Thursday Nov 3-6). Voting will be closed at midnight Thursday and the winner will be announced Friday.

The caption that receives the most votes will be declared the winner. (Let's keep the ballot stuffing to a minimum, shall we? I'm counting on everyone to play fair. One person = one vote)
The lucky individual whose caption garners the most votes will receive the original strip art and their winning EEK! will run the following week on GoComics.

The winner will retain the copyright to their original caption. I will retain the copyright to the art and, of course, the title of the strip (EEK!).

Questions? Comments?




Anonymous said...

Hey! I really enjoy your comics. I tried to think of something creative that the Grim Reeper says to the tattooed bearded woman but... there's nothing there.
I haven't been able to see your dayly comic lately. I miss that. Hope I can see the daily comics soon.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#4 is the one, why dont you list all 94 submissions so we can see what you didnt think rated