Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brain Waves

Who is Allen and what have they done with his brain?


Allen's Brain said...

Thanks for the linkage, Scott! When I rule the world, you'll be in charge of the propaganda department.

Any chance I could get this on a greeting card?

Scott Nickel said...

Allen, I salute you and your ever-thinking brain. I would be honored to serve in your administration.

Not sure what you mean by greeting card? An e-card?

Jarrett said...

Put a piece of my body in a jar!! ANY PIECE!!!

Allen's Brain said...

I was thinking of a 3-dimensional, card stock, available-for-purchase real-world item.
Incidentally, I just saw a Halloween card yesterday (failed to check the publishing company) with a similar brain in a jar on the front, and the greeting "Thinking of you" on the inside. Got wondering if it was yours.

Scott Nickel said...


No plans for the strip to become a greeting card, although I like that Halloween card you saw.

If I could figure out a way to turn EEK! strips into ecards, I'd do it. But I doubt that the puny resources I have on my blog could handle such a task.

I really need to expand my Cafe Press EEK! store to include individual strips on various items (mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads).

Then there's the book that I'm working on....