Saturday, July 5, 2008

Living (Dead) Color?

Question for the faithful followers of EEK!: I was toying with the idea of coloring the strips. Here's an example of an original b&w strip and its colored twin. Better? Worse?

It's not animated (the latest bell and whistle to be seized upon by the syndicates in hopes of saving the dying comics biz), but maybe Internet comics fans like their strips colored?

Of course, coloring means more work for the same money, but I'm all about providing the best product for the tens of people reading EEK! daily.

Comments welcomed.


Richard said...

Love the color Scott! It makes the characters POP.

Brett Koth said...

How long does it take you to do the color, Scott? - I think it looks great (the gag is great, too).

Scott Nickel said...


Coloring this strip took less than 15 minutes -- mostly because I cheated on the backgrounds.

When I was doing TRIPLE TAKE, I had the coloring process down to about 45 minutes per strip. (Sundays took about an hour.)

Coloring five EEK dailies each week would add between two and three hours to the process.

I'm not sure if EEK's subject matter works better in creepy black and white.

Brett Koth said...

...maybe do it in B&W halftones, like an old horror movie. That might look nice, and it'd certainly be unique.

Alberto said...

I prefer b&w, maybe gray tones... you should do color test (and ask us)

Cartoonist Who Writes said...

I have mixed feelings. I love black and white, and I never feel unsatisfied looking at it. But when you show me a color version, the rest of my optical rods and cones kick in and who doesn't like color?

I'd go with the color, if you can keep it to 15 minutes, simply because of the full-color company you compete with.

Use lots of green. My favorite color.