Monday, July 7, 2008

EEK! It's in Color

I decided to color this week's batch of strips. I've gotten pretty quick at it, so it's not really adding that much time to the process. For the eventual book, I'll run the strips in black and white, but I think they look good in color on the Internets.

I wish I had the program Randy Glasbergen uses to color his cartoons. It's only for Macs, but Randy can color a toon in under 10 minutes. PhotoShop just inherently takes longer. Enjoy!


Rick Ellis said...

What program do you use?

Scott Nickel said...

I stumble my way through PhotoShop.

Norm Feuti said...

What program does Randy Glasbergen use?

Scott Nickel said...

It's been driving me crazy -- I can't remember the name. last I heard, Reed Brennan uses the same program to color the King strips.

It's only for Macs, and as I'm on a PC, I never pursued getting the program.

Ah-ha! I scoured the Wisen message board and found the info.

The program is called Colorize. Info here:

Rod McKie said...

Scott I've used Colorize on a PC. No matter what Randy says there is a learning curve - also, it does use layers, but if I recall correctly it sort of starts new layers automatically.

I'm pretty sure I made a pigs ear of a drwaing with it so I went back to PS and PSP.

Rod McKie said...

Such a pigs ear of it that I mangled the word 'drawing' all out of shape.

Scott Nickel said...

Hi Rod!

Thanks for commenting. I really like your work!

So you've used Colorize on a PC? I couldn't find such an animal on the internet.

Based on your experience, maybe I'm better off with PhotoShop.

I'm trying to close more of my black lines so coloring in will be even quicker. I'm down to about 15-20 minutes per strip -- sometimes 30. I can live with that.