Wednesday, March 12, 2008

EEK! of the Week


MJ said...

Just dropping in to catch some funny.

Chris said...

I agree that the 3/11 strip (posted here) is very clever and funny, but in my opinion the "EEK!" of the Week is 3/13.

A few weeks ago you wrote about maybe trying to push the envelope a bit for shock value, Scott, and this week we got two relatively dirty installments, at least one of which would probably not make it into family newspapers. I'm talking of course about the moment of sexual tension between two zombies in the 3/12 panel and the reference to the "shrinkage" of a ceratin organ -- not the brain, that's for sure. So, are yout trying to push the envelope here, Scott?

Seriously, though...the 3/13 strip really did make me laugh out loud. Maybe it was the fact that it was referencing "Seinfeld" (the episode called "The Hamptons," for those of you haven't seen one of the all-time best sitcoms), or the sheer envelope-pushing of the gag, but I thought it was great.

...Which isn't to demean your own choice ofr the "EEK!" of the Week, which also made me laugh and can certainly be ranked among your best.

In other words, keep up the good work, Scott!

Scott Nickel said...

Thanks, Chris.

I'm consciously pushing the envelope, knowing that the strips you mentioned probably wouldn't make it past a newspaper syndicate’s editor. I'm trying not to go too far, however; I don't want to be nasty just for the sake of shock value.

I’m glad you liked the "shrinkage" joke. The strip originally had a totally different gag: Igor had two brains and there was a line about "buy one get one free" -- not particularly funny*. I am a Seinfeld (and Larry David) fan, and did indeed take my inspiration from George Constanza.

As for you preferring this to the strip I chose, that's fine. I'm just pleased someone thinks there's more than one good EEK! of the Week.


*I’m finding myself changing punch lines more and more during the drawing state. Most times, I think the strips end up being better.