Thursday, March 6, 2008

EEK! of the Week


Chris said...

I agree that this was a good one, Scott. Very funny and original use of absurdist humor, and deserving of the "EEK!" of the week.

However, it wasn't really SCARY, so I'm dubious about the extra "E" in the title of this post. Necessary? I don't know about that... :)

Chris said...

By the way, I like this "EEK!" of the Week feature. While I read all of your "EEK!" panels on GoComics anyway, it's interesting to see which ones were your personal favorites as the cartoonist. I'm guessing it varies to a certain extent from the readers' favorites, but then again that would be a completely uneducated guess.

Scott Nickel said...

EEEK? Just a dumb typo. Fixed. :)

As for my favorites vs. readers' favorites, alas, I have no idea. I haven't gotten much feedback about EEK!, besides the strips I post here.

I'd love to know what readers think.