Saturday, February 2, 2008

In the Pipeline

I have several cartoons that have been purchased for publication but have yet to appear. NICKELODEON magazine bought a couple, and MAD has three.

My question: Should I post them now or wait till they're published? Anyone curious?


Chris said...

Well, to be perfectly frank I would never buy a copy of either of those magazines these days. NICKOLODEON certainly isn't my cup of tea and MAD, as I wrote previously, has really gone downhill in recent years (which has nothing to do with your cartoons being published in it, Scott!). That plus the $5 price would keep me from buying it.

I love your cartoons, of course, so I would enjoy them if you posted them here. Now or after publication? The magazine would probably prefer it if you posted them after publication, but then again most of MAD's readership probably doesn't check this blog as much as I do, so they might not mind. It's really up to you, Scott.

Chris said...

By the way, what happened to the serial killers post? Did you delete it of your own free will, or were you...censored? (gasp)

Anonymous said...

post em

Scott Nickel said...

I wasn't entirley happy with the SK post after uploading it. I might re-post the cartoon again.

As for the magazine, toons, I'll probably wait until they're published to share. It'll give me something to blog about.