Saturday, August 11, 2007

Charlie Callas

This is hilarious. Nobody did crazy, itchy-twitchy stammering better than Charlie Callas. Apparently, when he was younger, Charlie suffered from a real stuttering problem and cured himself by reciting Shakespeare. He worked as a drummer until his fellow musicians convinced him to be a comic.

If you're over forty, you remember Charlie from "Laugh-In," the "Tonight Show," and various other talk show appearances.

Happily, he still does his act in Vegas and is scheduled to appear on Jerry Lewis' telethon August 31.


Brett Koth said...

Holy Cow, you found my joke!....the punchline that describes perfectly my working method for gagwriting! Had I told you this before? If not, you're reading my mind, Scott Nickel, and stop it right now.

You also tapped into my biggest shameless weakness - Charlie Callas, the funniest human on the planet. "Discovered" by Jerry Lewis, he appeared in (and stole) a Movie of Jer's titled THE BIG MOUTH, around 1967. This, of course, is also the funniest movie ever made, and that's just a natural fact. It's also my favorite movie of all time, just edging out CITIZEN KANE. Find it, if you can, and see what I mean.

Charlie also has his own website - - log on, and (vrrt vrrrt) enjoy!

Scott Nickel said...

The old "scattershot" method, eh?
Actually, you never told me that, but it makes perfect sense.

As for Mr. Callas, I grew up watching him on Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, and other variety shows. He's hysterical and his humor is timeless. I showed that YouTube clip to my teenage sons and they laughed all the way through it.

I'd never seen THE BIG MOUTH and couldn't find it on Netflix. But through the magic of ebay, I (just this morning) won a VHS copy of the movie for less than nine bucks. I look forward to watching it.

(vrrt vrrt whooah!)

jerry said...

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