Friday, June 29, 2007

Syndicate Roulette Update: United Media

I emailed the editor at United Media a couple of times about the status of the HIS & HERS submission but didn't receive an answer. I think it's safe to say that the syndicate known for PEANUTS, DILBERT, and PEARLS BEFORE SWINE is passing.

You might think this closes the book on my little strip, but you'd be wrong. I'll have an announcement about the future of H&H in a few weeks.

Stay tooned.

Here's the final tally, as far as I'm concerned.

United Media -- No response = NO
Universal Press -- email from editor: NO
Creators Syndicate -- form letter: NO
Washington Post Writers Group -- email from editor: work up more and resubmit
Tribune Media -- form letter: NO
King Features -- call from editor: NO


Charlie Brubaker said...

Dag, I hate suspence.

Well, let us know what will happen to the strip.

Chris said...

Self syndication?
WPWG liking it after all?
Making it into a sitcom?

Man, I must hear this announcement!

Scott Nickel said...

You're sort of on the right track, Chris, with one of your guesses...but not quite there.

I'll spill the beans soon, but it's only July 7. Still have almost a month to go.

There's a clue on My Space.